“Syzygy”:  RHINO 2016

“Melting Song”:  Spillway 23

“Odes to Effects Pedals”: Atlanta Review, Fall 2015 (republished in The Lost Ones)

“Talking It Out”: Hawai’i Pacific Review

“The Testimony of Darren Wilson”HEArt Online

“Two Pairs of Hands”:  Literary Orphans

“An Apology”Cleaver Magazine 11

“Study in Blue”FreezeRay 6

“Masala”: Mobius, 26.2

“Running for Sonnet”, “American Seder”: Light Poetry Magazine, Winter/Spring 2015 (“Sonnet” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015)

“The Zombie Poet”: Star*Line

“Heraclitus”:  The I-70 Review

“Blurbs for My Book”Light Poetry Magazine 

“Sonnet for Jess”:  Cargo Lit #3

“Wittegenstein by Way of Frost”:  Radius Lit

“For Robert Baratheon”Parody Poetry Journal 3.2 (nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2014)

“Far Tide”:  Poems-For-All #1321

“Elegy for Asphalt”:  Third Wednesday, Fall 2014

“Suit Up & Show Up”:  JerkPoet Digest 4

“Ode to Fish McBites”:  Rainy Day, Spring 2015

“h(a”: Parody Poetry Journal 3.1

“Orthomax (or, ‘How I Learned to Love the Lawn’)”:  The MacGuffin, Spring/Summmer 2013


(list may be incomplete)